OVERSoW SEEDS directly on raised beds / pots & INTERCROP for maximum yield

Step 1> Water your raised bed / pot thoroughly soaking it, then repeat until when you stick your finger 2 inches deep in the compost, should be WET... (water often drains out 80% on dry compost on the first watering session)

> Step 2> after the compost is wet and settled , sow your seeds direct, then top up with a thin layer of compost, then press them in to settle

Step 3> Water again, ensuring seeds are not washed off

Step 4> Oversaw the seeds then thin out and transplant elsewhere after they shoot

Step 5> Keep watering, weeding, thinning, pruning and enjoy the harvest!! Don't forget to leave some plants (i.e. don't harvest and leave them to go into seed naturally) . Collect and store the seeds for next year!!

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