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Container Gardening For Food Security project 2020

We want to help alleviate the inevitable food shortage in the coming months due to the adverse effects of corona through providing the community with edible live plants, seeds, compost, growing medium and online support through the whole growing cycle.


Fast growing seeds / seedlings have been chosen as they will produce food in a few weeks and seeds for the next growing season without having to purchase seeds again. BEST volunteers started collecting seeds from previous years which they have started sowing with the hope to share out the seedlings with fellow residents in need in a few weeks.


They need a lot of support such as compost, pots, space, transport and more seeds to sow on their balconies / windowsills. In the next three months, we need to focus on container gardening with the aim of involving as many volunteers who have some small space to grow. We will aim to start a local seed saving network that will connect gardeners and provide a sustainable way of getting free seeds and local organic food in the long run.


Growing fruit/ veg / flowers in pots will be the next trend and most practical as 90% of us do not have gardens. We've successfully done similar gardening projects at Barnet Community Garden in 2017 such as 'Adopt A Raised Bed', 'Windowsill Herb Garden project' , MDX Community garden etc, which were voted for by thousands of members of the public and funded by Groundwork UK / Tesco Bags of help.

This project has been funded by tnl community fund and City Bridge Trust. 

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