Barnet Environment Support Team (B.E.S.T)

Empowering the Youth  & Community through conservation and organic farming

B.E.S.T provides practical  support  to Barnet residents using environmental initiatives, research, projects and campaigns with the aim of creating awareness through community participation (such as: Park Clean up, Protect our Soil, Lets grow Organic, Seedling exchange, Cycle for Green, Food Waste Not)

Our team provide employment opportunities and work experience support to talented job seekers through participating in our different environmental volunteer projects.


The residents and participants will be engaged in protecting the environment and our soil through practicing sustainable methods of gardening (organic).


The community will benefit from a cleaner, greener environment.


The residents will have a healthier lifestyle from regular participation and knowledge exchange .


The community will benefit by gaining practical work experience and transferrable skills.

The volunteers' and participants' level of self empowerement will be elevated through having access to information and resources.



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